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To Advance Education, We Must First Reimagine Society

To Advance Education, We Must First Reimagine Society

Apr 6, 2014

By Luba Vangelova From: Why haven’t education reform efforts amounted to much? Because they start with the wrong problem, says John Abbott, director of the 21st Century Learning Initiative. Because disaffection with the education system reflects a much deeper societal malaise, it’s imperative that we first figure out what kind of...

What do we want to do with Indaba-Network?

Indaba-Network was founded in 2008. Today it is reaching a new step in its development. The first idea: a think tank Our first purpose was to create a think tank in order to produce ideas and resources on education and youth development. We developed a website offering blog articles and free resources. Then we got the idea to use the opportunities of the Web...